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FNF vs SYNTECH (Virtual Vocalist)

FNF vs SYNTECH (Virtual Vocalist) – SYNTECH’s climactic vocalist!

Friday Night Funkin vs SYNTECH is a new Friday Night Funkin version that centers on the character SYNTECH – the shop robot who has a pop-up window at the aquariums that enables him to interact.

About game

FNF vs SYNTECH (Virtual Vocalist) is a mod that includes a character that has never been featured in another mod before. You will take on the role of BF, who goes to a toy store with Girlfriend and encounters an animal with a dialog box, who confronts BF verbally during the chat. Can you foresee what will occur next?

The songs in FNF vs SYNTECH (Virtual Vocalist) were quite popular, however, they are now performed by a machine with a robot voice. This will definitely impress millions of players and persuade them to test the mod. Hearing new vocalists perform classic songs may often create an entirely new and different experience. 

However, FNF vs SYNTECH (Virtual Vocalist) is the game developer’s first Friday Night Funkin Mods. As a result, some errors may occur accidentally. If you have any issues with the mod, please inform him via the FNF Online page as soon as possible so that it may be resolved. The Friday Night Funkin mod is now available for your enjoyment.

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